Do You Speak Chavacano?

Are you familiar with the dialect known as Chavacano (Chabacano). It is a dialect mostly spoken by majority of the Caviteños.The  origin has begun during the arrival of the first Spaniards three centuries ago but unfortunately, this dialect is starting to diminish knowing that most of the speakers of Chavacano are elders. It is not impossible that this dialect will completely disappear in the near future. But of course, the survival of this dialect depends on the Caviteños. My mom and my  relatives (mother side) used to speak Chavacano but not all the time.They’re speaking  Chavacano if they want to talk something in private or if there is something they want to tattle. As a pure blooded Caviteño, i grew up listening to this dialect. I am not a good speaker but i can understand what they are saying. Okay let me test how good or bad i am in understanding Chavacano.

Di Sali Yo - I will Leave
Cosa Tu Nombre – What’s your name?
Buenas Dias/ Buenas Tardes/ Buenas Noches- Good Morning/ good Afternoon/ good evening
De Donte tu? - Where are you from?
Ta Ama yo cuntigo - I love you
Bien Aki- Come Here
Cosa Bianda- What’s the dish or menu
Mañana – tomorrow
Fea/ Bonita – Ugly/ beautiful
Umbre/ Mujer- Boy/ girl

Cosa quel? - What’s that?

Gracias - Thank you

Not bad right? I really understand Chavacano but I just can’t construct a a complete sentence from it. Sometimes, my cousin and I used to play Chavacano games where in we are allowed to speak nothing but Chavacano. My cousin Ichan is better than me when it comes to chavacano. So how about you? Ta platica tu Caviteño?

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  1. ReplyRCS

    Si, yo ta platica el lengua de cavite. Esti dioma tan hermosa de todos de otros idioma de filipinas, ta considera yo muy suerte yo sabi habla el chabacano. Que Pena no mucho de manga cavitenos no mas habla esti idioma.

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