What’s with PLDT Watchpad?

Everyone is buzzing about this Watchpad which is being offered by PLDT. It is a free application offered for every PLDT MyDSL plan subscribers. PLDT Watchpad is a software application that allows you to watch free TV channels and some live streaming of selected events including the Manny Pacquiao fights. As for the requirements , of course you must have an ACTIVE PLDT DSL account and you have a good billing records before signing up. You need the latest Adobe Flash Player, .NET framework for Windows, Windows Media Player 9 or higher, latest and update browser versions. PLDT Watchpad is indeed open for every subscribers but the performance of the said application  may vary depending on the speed or plan that you have. Keep in mind that this application may work effectively if the speed that you have is at least 1Mbps and above . Plan 999 and 1299 may have it but they might experience some buffering because the speed is not good enough to support the said application. Watchpad will require you to register (the sign up page can be found at http://pldtwatchpad.com). It’s a one time registration so once you established your username and password, you can never have another application for the same account. You can access your account anywhere as long as there is a Watchpad application available. You can download the Watchpad on their official page too. Watchpad is also open for Mac PCs. Unfortunately, i am subscribed under Smartbro and even though it’s a sister company of PLDT, I’m not sure if the application will work on my end. Anyway, some of the channels offered by Watchpad include History, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, Animax, CNN, Cosmopolitan, FHM, Channel V, and more. Watchpad exclusively offer a Live streaming of Pacquiao Fights and they do offer the so called “Big Ticket” to boost your speed for a limited time to accommodate the streaming of the said event.

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Comments ( 17 )

  1. Replyadler

    hi. i have a questtion. i need an internet connection and a tv. no need for land line. ok ba a watchpad? at 999 plan? tnxs

  2. Replybluedreamer1227

    oh yes po... sorry for misinformation above... I was referring to plan 990 and 1299 but the plan 999 is actually ideal enough to support the watchpad considering that the speed of the said plan is now up to 1.5 Mbps

  3. Replycole

    can i exclude the watchpad? will i still pay (for example 999) in plan 999?

    • Replyanonymous

      watchpad is FREE he says so still u will pay 999

  4. ReplyAnonymous

    Hi! May I know if ABS-CBN, GMA, and TV5 are included in the channel list?

  5. Replyanonymous

    pano po iactivate ung watch pad?

  6. ReplyEve

    Thanks for the info. My friend suggested I get this watchpad so I'm checking all info on it. It's free and all. So what's the catch? Will it make me pay something extra or spend more? Or is it just a free service without any hidden charge?

    • Replyadmin

      Watchpad is indeed free and no hidden charges are applied except when you want to buy their so called "Big Ticket" that allows you to watch Manny Pacquiao's fight live . They will give you a speed booster for that. I am not certain with the price though but as far as I know it is 150

  7. Replycristina gandia

    i want to ask watch pad is another gadget or it will be install on the computer???coz im applying for 1299 so i dont have any idea on watchpad

    • Replyadmin

      Watchpad is a free application lang po. The gadget that you are probably referring to is yung Telpad and it has a different plan

    • Replyadmin

      Watchpad is a free application lang po. The gadget that you are probably referring to is yung Telpad and it has a different plan

  8. ReplyClement

    Question. I currently have plan 1299 which is 1Mbps. How much will it cost to upgrade to 3.5Mbps. I'm asking because the P1995 plan doesnt include the landline.

    • Replyadmin

      As far as I know.. Plan XCite is a regular plan and yes, the bill for your phone is not included. Most likely the monthly bill for Phone is more or less 600 except if you added some special features including the Caller ID and so on so your monthly bill will range to more or less 2600

  9. Replystan

    i incorrectly deleted my watchpad download and now want it to operate again but the site says i already registered what shall i do

    • ReplyAdmin

      Watchpad will only allow you to register once but you can simply reinstall the application and log in using your old account

  10. ReplyJjDjb

    We only want an internet and a cable tv... Is there any package like that? And how many channels does it have?

  11. Replydin

    hey, could you help me please where I can download the software of watchpad? tnx

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